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McCarthy Tire Commercial Division

We have been servicing the transportation industry since our start in 1926. We have over 40 full-service commercial tire and service locations to serve you.

At McCarthy Tire we are committed to supplying the most cost effective products and services to the transportation industry and are one of the top 7 largest commercial tire dealers in North America. We offer tire brands from Bridgestone, Firestone, Continental, Yokohama, Dunlop and Kelly and commercial services including wheel refurbishing, retreading and 24 hour road side service.


Tire Retread StepsMcCarthy Tire is one of the largest Bandag Commercial Tire Retreaders in North America with 5 retreading plants. Experience, integrity and volume equals' unsurpassed quality and great prices. Talk to us today about our Commercial Tire Retreading services.

McCarthy Tire is a Leading Bandag Retreader

Bandag is the largest retreading system in North America and McCarthy is one of the largest Bandag retreaders.Radial All-Terrain T/A Bandag’s application-specific retreads are just what you need to cut costs and keep your vehicles rolling. Bandag offers over 275 best-in-class, premium retreads, more than any other supplier. So when you choose to work with McCarthy, you are sure to find durable, reliable, quality retreads that meet your fleet’s grueling applications, at a lower price than new tires.

Step 1: Initial Inspection A - 396 Spreader

  • A visual, hands-on inspection from bead to bead, inside and out, is done to find and mark all visible defects.

Step 2: Initial Inspection B - NDT IIB

  • An electronic inspection designed to find all “through-the- tire” penetrations in the crown and sidewall areas.

Step 3: Initial Inspection C - 7450

  • Shearography An inspection to determine the conditions within the casing. The casing is subjected to a vacuum while lasers measure surface anomalies (i.e.: expanding pockets of air). An animated visual of the anomalies aids in determining the casing’s condition. At the end of the initial inspection, information like casing condition, casing age and fleet specifications are considered to determine if the tire can be retreaded.

Step 4: Buffing - 8450 buffer

  • The casing is inflated to operational pressure. The process removes the worn tread surface, trues up the roundness and prepares the surface for a new tread.

Step 5: Repair

  • Removing all injuries identified during Initial Inspection and replacing the material with structurally sound materials that will return the casing to a useful life.

Step 6: Applying Cushion - 6400 Extruder

  • In a one-step process, an uncured bonding layer is extruded onto the prepared casing surface, all skives are filled, and the shoulders are stripped. The casing is now ready for its new tread.

Step 7: Building - 5400 OSM Builder

  • Automatically applies a new tread so it is straight, centered on the casing, and the end splices match.

Step 8: Enveloping - 1210 Enveloper

  • Encases the uncured, built tire in an elastic envelope in preparation for curing.

Step 9: Curing - 4150 Chamber

  • An autoclave-type device that applies heat and pressure, and over time, causes the bonding layer in the built tire to cure; permanently adhering the new tread to the prepared casing.
Commercial Tire Brands at McCarthy Tire
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