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Truck Alignments

McCarthy Tire uses the most state of the art Hunter Alignment Equipment and a highly trained staff to make sure we get your alignment right.

The number one and number two operating expenses in over-the-road transportation are fuel and tires, respectively. Both are typically perceived as hard to control. Routine wheel alignments, however, are the most effective way to control tire costs and can impact fuel costs as well.

Misalignment can cause:

  • Excessive tire wear
  • Increased fuel consumption caused by increased rolling resistance
  • Unsafe vehicle handling characteristics
  • Driver fatigue and driver retention issues
  • Premature suspension component wear

McCarthy recommends a minimum of two to three alignments per year or every 50,000 to 60,000 miles as part of the average vehicle’s preventive maintenance program. See McCarthy today to save time and money with our expert alignment service.

How does Wheel Alignment work?

First, the technician pulls the specification and tolerances for the specific vehicle through an extensive database of heavy duty vehicles. Electronic sensors measure alignment angles on each wheel. The measurements are compared to the specifications and the adjustments are made. The technician will also inspect for worn or defective parts.

This system is able to correctly identify "problem" conditions, such as wheel runout - often due to bent or distorted rims and wheel and axle offset. Tandem axle or trailer axle setback can also be identified and corrected.

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